To 2018 and Beyond!

2017 is gone and I’m more than happy to see it go.  It’s been a challenging year at the end of a series of extremely challenging years that I don’t care to look back at or to repeat.  So, goodby 2017.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were many blessings along the way but even mountains and valleys that I want to move on from.  Looking forward, I have great hope and a few attainable goals for 2018.  

As the working mom of of 5 I’ve spent the last 23 years making my life about raising my kids, being THE MOM, making it all work while I worked so I could keep it moving forward with the end goal that they would be able to stand successfully on their own.  That was who I was. Now I’m down to four kids who have graduated high school (THANK.YOU. JESUS!)  and are trying to make their way into adulthood and one still in high school being home schooled.  Three of those big four still live at home plus one grandchild.  My nest is not getting empty any time soon.  Parenting is not getting less expensive and I worry now more than ever because they are out there in the world making decisions, on their own, farther away from home. Sometimes when my cell phone rings I’m a bundle of nerves anticipating what emotional, emergency mom-bomb is about to be unloaded on me.  The good news is that my children love me and know that they can depend on me in their time of need.  

So, with the march of time and my kids growing into adulthood my MOM career is changing.  Through the years, and out of necessity, I’ve worked my way into a career as a successful and sought after C Suite Executive Assistant.  I would have preferred to be a stay-at-home working mom so I could concentrate full-time on my home and family but I’ve grown to love what I do professionally.  My mom-skills have made me a better employee and my EA skills helped be be a better mom – even if my children didn’t think so –  and  having a career has been a blessing to me and to my family in many ways.  God has blessed me and used me as a blessing in more ways than I can count throughout my developing career.  I can’t say that I juggled it all successfully all the time.  There has been a lot of lost time, missed opportunities, regrets, delayed goals and dreams and  more mom-fails than I can count or care to remember, but by God’s grace we all survived.

As my parenting duties are changing and I can concentrate on just one last teen, I’m really enjoying parenting and looking forward to more one-on-one time with the one I call “five”.  At the same time I feel like I’m starting to find myself again – the me I’m going to be when my full-time parenting gig is done. Not that parenting ever really ends, it just evolves and develops into a different kind of relationship.

So, goodbye and good riddance to 2017.   Welcome to 2018 – I’m feeling very inspired.  This I know – God created me with a purpose and everything I have experienced, endured and overcome has brought me to this place at this time to be who He wants me to be, to do the work He wants me to do right now.  Hope lies ahead and I’m looking forward to the journey through 2018 and beyond.   

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