I did it.  I. CUT. THE. CORD.  First, I talked about it for a long time and then I threatened the Mister and the kids that I was going to do it – for months – but the only one I really needed to convince was ME.  What if I missed one of my favorite shows?  Then I decided that the only two channels I couldn’t live without were Fox Sports Southwest because I had to be able to see all of the Texas Rangers games, and the Hallmark Channel because who doesn’t need a little romance – am I right? So I delayed and delayed and procrastinated some more and told my coworkers I was going to do it but still procrastinated.  And then, I started looking at my budget and realized how much money I was spending on all those channels I DON’T WATCH.  So then I audited my watching habits and realized that I was only really watching the morning news show on my local station that I could get FOR FREE over the air (OTA) and sometime the Rangers game, and maybe a few Hallmark movies every now and then…and I was spending $122 a month for that? That was an eye opener.  knew that I could get ALL of the local OTA channels for free which includes some of the local Texas Rangers games. And I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle choices.  So, I put on my big girl pants and summoned up the courage to call the cable company – because they always try to talk you out of it – and I DID IT!  Just like that, I did it.  At first, my son complained because he couldn’t binge-watch his favorite cable news channel or some of the documentaries you can only see on the Discovery channel and NatGeo but then he let it go.  We were all going to be OK.

Here is the breakdown in $$$.  I was paying about $122 every month for satellite cable and about $122 for high speed internet plus phone and I already had a Netflix account which at the time only cost $11.99 a month.  This month it just went up to $13.99 a month.  And, I had a chromecast device which cost a one-time payment of about $35 – so I could cast Netflix from my phone or laptop to my tv.  I added a Hulu account for $5.99 a month.  Oh, and lets not forget that I also had an Amazon Prime membership at an annual cost of $99 which includes prime video and prime music and sooooo much more. Thats works out to a monthly cost of a whopping $8.25 a month.

WHAT I DID. First, I cancelled my cable account, patted myself on the back and rewarded myself with some celebratory chocolate, and warned my kids it was coming to an end at the end of the month.  And, since I like to experiment with technology, I got a Fire Stick with voice search ($39.99) and a Roku Streaming stick ($49.00).  We have three TVs in our house so I put one device on each TV and tried them all.  They all have their own pros and cons but I think my favorite is the Roku Streaming Stick . Chromecast is really just a casting device – not really in the same category as Roku and Firestick, and since Amazon and Google don’t play nice together, you can’t cast your Amazon Video with your Chromecast. (that’s one penalty point against Amazon and their Fire Stick)  I purchased one OTA digital antenna ($29.00) that you velcro to a wall or window to one of my TVs and it works perfectly for local channels. We are in the Dallas area and very close to the tall antennas in Cedar Hill so we pick up more channels than I expected.  So, I’ll be getting two more of those for our other TVs.

Cost and Savings Summary:

  • cable cost: $122/month.  
  • total current monthly Streaming cost: $28.48/month
  • total one time equipment cost: $152.99
  • total cost and savings for the first year on cord cutting:  $41.23 per month for the first year – That’s the streaming plus the average monthly cost of the equipment over one year.
  • That cost will go down because the equipment is a non-recurring cost. So the real monthly cost is only $28.48/month for all three of the streaming services. It also includes ALL OF THE OTA I COULD EVER WANT TO WATCH FOR  F.R.E.E.

Total monthly savings is ($122 – $28.48) = $93.52/month.  Thats an annual savings of $1,122.24!

One year of cable:  $1,464.00
One year of cord cutting: $341.76
Total Annual Savings:  $1,122.24!!!!!!!

Watch out home phone…because YOU ARE NEXT!…as soon as I get the courage.

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